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Professional Hair Cutting Services for Men & Women.

The foundation. Any great style must begin with a great haircut. After more than 15 years in the industry, we are more than prepared to give you a masterful hair cut especially tailored to your needs and desires….


Natural Styles

Your natural hair style and texture is a beautiful gift that Hyatt’s Hair Studio can bring to its best potential. Take advantage of our natural styling services for an inspired and clean look that reflects a rich cultural heritage.


Extensions / Hair Weaving

If you want to completely change your look and style with our professional experience in hair extensions.

Add bold color, change the apparent volume and length of your hair, all while being perfectly matched to the natural color, texture, and consistency of your hair.



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About Us

The Hyatt Hair Studio Story
Hyatt's Hair Studio was founded in 2011, with over fifteen years of experience in the hair care industry.

Our mission is to provide customers with the most excellent service in hair care, to make you feel and look exceptionally great.

We have committed ourselves to a higher level of customer satisfaction and providing superior services.

While creating a good look for you, we pay close attention to details for the desire look that you want to achieve.

As part of the constantly evolving hair and beauty industry, Hyatts Hair Studio strives to stay up to date from the newest trends to the basics of the hair care industry.

At Hyatts Hair Studio we believe that beautiful hair styles derive from healthy hair.

Come and enjoy the diversity of our multicultural atmosphere where everybody is welcome.

-Hyatt's Hair Studio